Norbert Höll

State-certified ski instructor, ski guide, snowboard instructor, trainer for ski and snowboard instructors; sworn expert for skiing and snowboarding


"Ski technology is my great passion. It is not only important to me to know the technique well, but also to convey a theoretical understanding of skiing. I want to encourage my guests to ski consciously and in a variety of ways.




  • Backcountry skiing: What is the right technique for difficult situations? deep snow, moguls, steep terrain and bad snow.

  • Ski instructor training: As a trainer at the SBSSV for many years and as a ski instructor trainer at the Rußbach ski school, Norbert has the know-how and experience to prepare ski instructors for courses or exams.

  • Skiing is healthy:   and can be practiced well into old age. The prerequisite for this is good ski technique and tactics. A special program co-developed by Norbert helps people discover skiing as a health sport.

  • Skiing makes you fit: Provided you have good skiing technique, endurance, speed power, strength endurance and coordination can be trained on the slopes. Discover the ski slope as a fitness studio.

  • Beautiful skiing: The aesthetic component of skiing is being rediscovered. Harmonious movements, flow of movements, rhythm. Norbert says: “It only looks really good when it feels really good.”

Eva Höll

State-certified ski instructor, cross-country ski instructor, snowboard instructor

"It's just great to see how quickly winter sports newcomers make progress in a short time under good guidance and with the right help. This not only pleases my guests and their fans, but also makes me just as happy - so we can have even more fun together on the slopes or cross-country ski trails!"



  • Children: Eva manages like no other to get even very young winter sports enthusiasts up and running quickly. You can feel their experience, especially in situations where the motivation isn't there. There is also an endless repertoire of games and great ideas.

  • Skiing and fear: When studying psychology, Eva dealt intensively with the topic of fear while skiing. How can it be overcome? Good ski technique is just one answer to this.

  • Cross-country skiing - if you want to try the quieter version of skiing - with Eva you can have your first experiences in cross-country skiing - whether classic or skating: there are wonderful cross-country ski trails in Abtenau and Gosau!

  • Skiing with a handicap: Through her experience and her own training, Eva supports and supports winter sports enthusiasts with disabilities.