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Private lessons are the most individual form of instruction. This starts with the goals you set for yourself - together we create a plan for your lessons. After analyzing your skiing technique, we set the focus and work on it immediately. The aim of a good ski lesson is that you will experience a better technique and also get the knowledge of your technical skiing possibilities, so that you will be able to work on your skiing technique in a sustainable way afterwards. Mostly, however, the first sense of achievement already occurs during the lesson.



(1-2 Pers)
extra person

Single lesson (60 minutes)

EUR 98,-

EUR 20,-

90 minutes private (morning)

EUR 147,-

EUR 30,-

90 minutes private (afternoon)

EUR 125,-

EUR 30,-

Best Time (120 min morning)

EUR 195,- EUR 35,-
Best Price (120 min afternoon) EUR 165,-

EUR 35,-

3 x Best Time (3 x 120 min morning) EUR 560,-

EUR 70,-

3 x Best Price (3 x 120 min afternoon) EUR 470,-

EUR 70,-

Early 3 (3 hours morning) EUR 270,-

EUR 45,-

Late 3 (3 hours afternoon) EUR 235,-

EUR 45,-

1 full day (5 hours) EUR 380,-

EUR 50,-

Family day (5 hours exclusively for families) EUR 430,-  

Subject to change. 

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